The Rangers To Be Presented With Special Trophy Today

League titles are not everything, after eight of them….in a row, the whole trophy day thing must be getting a bit boring for Celtic fans. The real end of season celebrations will take place at Rugby Park this afternoon when the Rangers will lift the new “Closed The Gap” trophy. The trophy was sculpted by a local Govan artist Maura Godchild and it is made from play-doh and finger sized band-aids. The artist bragged,

“These two materials represent not only the story of the Rangers season but the club as a whole, the clubs identity and culture. Hopefully, the rain holds off and the piece can stay together for a lap of honour.” 

Club captain James The Tav is beside himself at the prospect of lifting anything above his head.

“It’s a real honour for me to captain this great club on such a historic day, this is what dreams are made of, I just want to thank all my family and god, Kilmarnock is blue”

Lastly, we spoke with fan spokesperson Stamper Naismith about a possible pitch invasion:

“I don’t want to give anything away or ruin the surprise, but yeah, win lose or draw there will be a pitch invasion.”