The Rangers Sign Their Eighteenth Player In Six Days

For people who like alternative charts or tables or even prizes, the Rangers are breaking more and more records as they sign up everyone that falls into their price range.

If you like to play FIFA with a fourth division team you know too well the importance of a filter in the transfer market that gets you a list of all the freebie players available in world football.

It looks like the genius Gerrard has brought that filter to Ibrox as he signs buckets and buckets loads of pure pish. While Celtic fans have had to endure a rollercoaster ride just to sign one lousy 3 million pound prospect, the people at Govan have rejoiced as Gerrard recruits his eighteenth signing of the new transfer window. The Scouser is not finished either…

“I prefer to go for quantity over quality, if we can bring in another twelve to sixteen players I think we can challenge this season, quality doesn’t win you football matches, quantity does. Whoever gets the highest quantity of goals wins, It’s that simple really. 

What a sap, back to you in the studio lads.