Ref Stephen Brown Steps Down To Focus More On Being Grade A Prick

Stephen Brown has stepped down as a grade A ref in Scotland to focus fully on being a grade A prick. According to the Daily Rags this morning the SFA have welcomed his decision and feel he could go all the way to the top once he is fully focused and does not have to answer any hard questions related to his 1982 themed personality and shortcomings.

The SFA allegedly and very proudly declared:

“If he attacks been a prick with the same shameless ferocity he attacked certain people we have the fullest of confidence that Browner can make it all the way to the top. If and when that happens we’d like to feel we played a big part and we hope he doesn’t forget us. He has achieved all he can at the SFA and needs to be a prick in an environment with fewer rules. Just for the record, this has nothing to do with anything else and we’d appreciate zero questions in line with SFA accountability policies and procedures”.

Brown was unavailable for comment, we understand he’s dived straight into the prick pre-season.