Ntcham Gets His Maw To Ring In Sick For Him

Groups in all walks of life always have different roles that people always play out. At Celtic Football Club, Oliver Ntcham likes nothing better than to play the sulky little bollocks role and he is really getting into it lately.

He’s been pissing off Celtic fans for the past few months but recently he took things up a notch by declaring himself too good for the SPFL. The French midfielder sees himself playing in one of those fancy French or German leagues. He wants to move to another club where he will develop. He seems to have forgotten he was shit all last season. But Celtic fans have been quick to remind him.

His reaction? He just got his maw to ring his employer to say he’ll be out sick for the next few weeks with stomach cramps.

It’s only dawning on Ntcham now that he’s fucked it, Neil Lennon is waiting in the wings ready to rip him a new one, the fans are ready to rip him too. Rather than facing the music, the ex-Celt has allowed his mother to bail him out.

This is reported to have enraged Neil Lennon even more, what will he do in two weeks time though?