Lets All Start An Internet Rumour That KT’s Knee Is Fucked

Those boring bastards in London might be able to flash the cash and think that money can get them anything they want and in fairness, they are not far wrong. So, as a precaution lets all start an internet rumour that Keiran Tierney’s knee is absolutely fucked, forever. 

The story goes like this…

One of the Celtic ground staffs son is pumping a physician from the Royal College of Surgeons in Glasgow. She was part of a team that only recently examined Tierney’s knee and the results that came back stated that KT’s knee is absolutely fucked. 

Like any old fashioned rumour feel free to add in your own bits but don’t start going mental with over the top shit. We have 48 hours to get this rumour down to London all we need to do is plant a seed and cause doubt.

Over to you Fenians.