How Kieran Tierney Cost Me Three Girlfriends

Reformed and rehabilitated ex-Keiren Tierney fanatic Kevin Myler spills his heart out to Tees For Tims on how his KT obsession cost him 3 relationships. Myler who has just completed an eight-week rehab programme tells fellow sufferers that help is out there and that they are not on their own.

Kev said:

“It’s mental the number of others out there just like me, I thought I was alone with this until I joined a group of twelve other people that shared the same problem. I did not know I even had a problem until this season when he who’s name we do not mention spent most of the season injured. I started to get angry when I saw Izzy and Hayes names on the team sheet, I started lashing out at the people who loved me. I trashed the house and wrote off my car. I’ve kicked in countless TV’s and put my fist through three different laptop screens.”

“My family then staged an intervention, there were eight people in the room all trying to tell me how messed up I was, while they were all talking to me all I could hear was that song stuck in a loop in my head….”

“Since he was a bhoy…….he signed when he was seven…..It filled his heart with joy.” 

“It has taken a long time to get to a place where I can mutter those words of that chant and it still rattles me now. It cost me three girlfriends that chant. All the time they were talking about the future or just moaning I just heard that track and pictured him running down the wing and scoring that goal against Man City.

His injury became a blessing in disguise, I have managed to get myself back on track and I have supports put in place for when he gets back fit and back in the team.” 

If you think any of today’s story is affecting you or a loved one please contact the KT helpline on Treble 3 636363.