David Turnbull Is Missing Three Toes – Reports

Let’s face it, we all knew something dodgy was up with this stupid transfer since day one. It’s on, it’s off and it is back on again. What do you take us for?

The only thing that is off is one of the player’s socks and as it happens the bloke only has two toes on one foot.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with it, if he can kick a ball then he can kick a ball, I don’t care how many toes he used, just don’t ask me to go swimming with him. We live in a diverse society if someone wants to rock out with seven toes leave them to it.

If the Celtic medical team want their players to all have ten toes it is understandable, 3 million quid is a lot of money for someone missing three body parts. Maybe Celtic and Motherwell could meet halfway and push this transfer through for 1.5 million?

The drama.