Bobby Madden Warns Celtic Fans That 55 Is Coming

Ibrox season ticket holder Bobby Madden has warned Celtic fans that 55 is coming for the Rangers as the SFA have brought in new rules that will allow whistlers to get away with even more blue murder than last season.

The big juiced up staunch bastard felt the need to take to social media after the new rules were announced to let the Tims know that 55 was coming. The tweet has since been deleted.

The new rules will give refs endless possibilities to increase the Rangers chances of winning something silver. Last season the Ibrox club made it into the Guinness Book of World Records after they got six penalties in thirty minutes.

We haven’t personally read the rules but from what we understand Scott Brown features heavily in the new guidelines. To summerise, any acting the bollocks out of Brown will lead to a Rangers peno even if they are not playing Celtic.

With these latest developments, bookies are no longer taking bets on 50 million pound man James Tavenier finishing the season as top goalscorer.